About Waltergates Ghana Limited

We are a team of App Developers, Security Surveillance Experts, Business Advisory consultants, Tech innovation hub, Network and Telecommunication Engineers and Fiber Optic Solution providers. Waltergates Ghana Limited was established in Ghana over a decade ago to provide innovative solutions to clients within private and public sectors including the development and operation of a number of Fintech, Payment and Bulk SMS Platforms. We are a local company with a global outlook. We do this by developing innovative custom-made solutions and bringing these solutions to reality.

    Our Mission is to introduce innovative products to Ghana and provide excellent and first class services to our clientele with a team of Smart-skilled professionals. Our Dream is to explore available and sustaining avenues of innovation and expansion in this modern digital world through Strategic Partnerships.

    The company is endowed with a pool of young and enterprising Professionals that culminates into a rich list of renowned companies in our client Portfolio due to great satisfaction derived from our services. The company, though physically located in Accra, has nationwide outlook.


Visitors Management System

Our Visitors management system called (Akwaaba) is a turnkey customer service software. It comes with security features like fingerprint, badge printer, barcode reader, and web camera. It is easy to use.

Revenue Mobilisation & MS

The RMS is a unique and customised software for local government management. MMDAs are the main users of our system. The system is able to increase revenue collection of upto 80%.

Asset Tracking & MS

In every well established business it is essential to track it's asset's. The Asset Management System makes it very easy for businesses to organise it asset and track its locations.

Inventory & Accounting Software

Our Inventory and Accounting software is for all businesses, we customise to suit every level of business. It also comes with mobile App to make your business mobile.

Co-Operative System

Streamline communication, facilitate efficient resource sharing, and encourage collective decision-making. It offers a platform where each individual's contribution is recognized and contributes to the collective success of the organization.Our system promotes transparency, fairness, and inclusivity, ensuring that every member has a voice and can actively participate in shaping the company's direction.


We specialize in optimizing your data infrastructure for efficiency, security, and reliability, enabling better decision-making.Trust us to manage your database needs efficiently, allowing you to focus on achieving your business goals while we handle the backbone of your data operations.

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